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Miscellaneous Junk

Switzerland Trip 2009

Switzerland Trip - 2009



Andrew on the Gong Show

Andrew on the Gong Show (update... actually on Americas Got Talent)
My brother Andrew Stanton, and his girlfriend Kelvikta (Kelly) on the Gong Show with Dave Attell.
See more of his stupid freak show stuff at swingshiftsideshow.com [Crude stuff warning]

Bush In National Guard?

Did the big Dubya' Serve In the Air National Guard?
Never mind the politics... I HAVE THE PROOF!

Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson
I guess you could call it a fan page. Features backstage photos of me at his concert in Indianapolis June 2003 with Ben Harper.

I Hate New York

I Hate New York
My Travel Log to The Big Apple. AUG 2003.

Flash Stuff & Flash Games
(note: I did not create any of these Flash games. Just found them on the internet.)

Ant City - 396k
Remember the hannahbuddah days of burning ants with a magnifying glass? Well, here's another take on it.

Just Not Cricket - 486k
Do you hate the game of cricket? Me too. Here's an American version.

Consumption of Alcohol Warnings - 129k

Yes & No - 1.1 M
A diseducational road move. Worth watching.

Minigolf - 845k
Warning: hours of productive time may be wated on this.

Bubblepop - 120k
...this one too.

5 Things Bad About Counter Strike - 181k
Only funny if you play Counter Strike.