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HR Giger Museum and Gruyeres

This town is known for its cheese (Gruyeres Cheese), which is delicious, and for the artist H.R. Giger. He is the one that did the backgrounds for the alien movies and some other famous stuff. It was on my list of "Things Kekoa must do while in Switzerland."

They wouldn't let me take photos inside the Giger Museum, but the lady at the desk was nice enough to allow me to take a few of the front desk because they had a cool sculpture on it. There is also the Giger Bar right next door, which of course I had to visit (and take photos of)

Knowing my siblings would be jealous, I made this page for them letting them know I was at the HR Giger Museum. (They didn't even know I was in Switzerland... he he, ain't I a stinker!)