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Monthey is where we stayed with Charity's Aunt and Uncle. Actually it was on a mountainside just above Monthey. Very scenic area. I couldnt take enough pictures of the mountains there. Some of the scenics are supposed to be 180 views I havent photoshoped together yet.

Notice the tight windy narrow roads. And people there are total assriders. If you can still see the headlights, they are too far away. This part I'm not making up. They seem to compensate for small roads and cliffs by flooring it the whole way. It's like the road to Hana meets the Swiss Alps. Some of the pictures below don't do it much justice and you don't get a feel for the slope and narrowness in a photo, so just try to picture it in you mind. And then pretend you're going about 60 mps because the guy behind you is practically in your trunk. Oh and it's 2-way traffic. Oh, and he's been drinking.

The houses are built on the cliffs right up to the road. If you ever said "woah I almost hit that balcony" you might have been driving in Switzerland.

That was for real by the way, there's one house we had to drive past all the time... if I had a moon roof I could have reached out and slapped the beer out of the guy's hand as he was chilling on his balcony. I tried to get a picture, but I was always too scared right on that curve. Oh yeah, did I mention the curves? They like curvy roads there. It must help them when they're drunk.