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Montreux and Freddie Mercury the Queen

Quaint little city on Lake Geneva. Took a few picts while driving through. Here is a conversation between Charity and I.

Charity: You wanna to sop here for anything?
Koa: Nah, nothing here.
(we drive past a place with a lot of people gathered near a statue)
Koa: What's that about?
C: Evidentially there was a famous guy that liked to come here. (She opens her guide book again). Named ... Freddie Mercury.
K: What!?! (slams on breaks)
C: Who's That?
K: What!?! You don't know who Freddie Mercury is? (looks for a place to turn around)
C: No, should I?.
K: We got to check this out. (Koa begins to sing Queen songs)
C: Oh... I get it, he was one of the Beatles!

So apparently Freddy Mercury liked to hang out in Montreux and they considered him their "adopted son" and made a statue of him. Naturally I took some pictures.