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You don't know Jack [Johnson]


Just a little background: Jack Johnson is currently a famous musical artist in the current main stream of music. I hear his songs on top 40 radio stations and the like. The best way to describe his music --without making you actually listen to it-- is that its pretty mellow stuff with some funky chords. There seems to be a hint of reggae and or island music mixed in there. At any rate its good stuff and reminds me of being on the beach in Hawaii every time I hear it --for a number of reasons I suppose. He has played with Ben Harper and G-Love and the like.

Here is his official site: jackjohnsonmusic.com

The cool part is that I went to high-school with Jack in Kahuku, Hawaii. He was one year ahead of me. He had some ghetto punk band back then with Loren Crisler, Luke Moffatt, and Cale Tilley. This was about 10 years ago. They practiced a few times in the back room of my house. I tried to play the drums for them a couple times, but sucked too much for even a ghetto punk band. I think they even tried to let me sing for half a song (a Sex-Pistols song no less. Its pretty bad when you can't even sing like the Sex-Pistols). Ah, those were the good ol' days.

He just finished a tour with Ben Harper (date of this writing is July 2003) and came through Indianapolis, Indiana which is about 2 hrs from where i now live in Louisville, Kentucky. So I went up to see him. Funny thing is I didn't even know he was famous until a year ago. I saw something on the internet about "Jack Johnson, burgeoning music star." I chuckled to myself thinking that will be the day when someone named Jack Johnson is a famous musician. Thinking back to the ghetto punk garage band, Limber Chicken was the name of the band if memory serves. Then I clicked on the link to the Jack Johnson site and up popped his picture. "Wow, this guy even looks like Jack" I thought to myself, still in disbelief. It took me a while before it finally clicked in my head that it was him.

Some friends from where I work now in Kentucky introduced me to his music --the irony kills me-- so we all went to his concert in Indiana. We were fortunate enough to get a hold of him before the show and he hooked us up with backstage passes. It was good to see Jack again. Man, he even remembered what song I tried to play the drums for (Dead Kennedy's MTV Get Off The Air). Cool, and I was just hoping he'd remember ME.

Anyway, Jack is a pretty mellow guy. I still had a hard time imagining him as famous. He hasn't changed a bit. Friendly and easy going. We reminisced about old times a bit, I asked all the stupid groupie questions, then we hung out on-stage (just out of sight) while Ben Harper played.

It was good to see Jack again. It felt a little weird, but I thought even if he wasn't famous I'd still like see him for old times sakes if he was passing through.

Alright, enough of the boring stuff here's some photos taken at his show: (June 2003 in Indianapolis, Indiana)

(Note: I had to buy this crappy disposable camera, so a lot of the shots turned out pretty bad)


Jack, me and Charity.

Jack me and Charity Back-stage.

*Roll-over image for thought bubbles

The boys (and girl) with Jack Johnson.

Tim Robinson, his wife Anne, and brother Nate pose with Jack Johnson back stage.

*Photo by Sean's camera.

Jack, me and Charity dressed as punks.

Me, Jack, and Charity getting back in touch with the ol' punk days.

NO! this image was not Photoshoped!!!!

Me serenading Jack.

Me serenading Jack.

Poor Jack, he is such a good sport. (notice how he is holding his heart)

Hahahaha. Man, I get such a kick out of this photo!

The group of us sitting in the crowd. This is the group of us sitting in the crowd waiting for the show to start.

Charity is taking the photo, then there's me, then Sean Kavanagh, then Jen (Sean's girlfriend), Anne Robinson, Tim Robinson (with Linux hat), Nate Robinson.
Jack Johnson on stage.

Here's Jack on stage.

Lucky thing we went to this concert. I had almost forgotten what pot smelled like. The crowd was kind enough to remind me.

*Photo by Sean's camera.

Jack on stage zoomed in.

Zoomed in version of above

I dig the back drop behind him. It is the cover of his new album.

*Photo by Sean's camera.

Me and charity on-stage.

Me and Char.... excuse me, CHARITY and I on stage. If I had a real camera you could see Ben Harper behind us.

*Jack took this photo.

Ben Harper on-stage Ben Harper on-stage.
Jack, Sean, and Jen. Jack, Sean, and Jen on stage during Ben Harper's segment.
Ben Harper on stage

Our view of Ben Harper on stage. You can kind of see the crowd of 20,000 in this image.. you can also kind of see Ben..
Sean kept leaving the flash on which lit up an otherwise transparent mike thing in front of us.

*Photo by Sean's camera.

Ben Harper on-stage, Blured.

Cool (accidental) motion blurred version.

*Photo by Sean's camera.

Indianapolis skyline Indianapolis from our hotel room.
Hannas photo of us.

Hannah (Charity's 5 year old niece) took this photo of us (and Emma, Hannah's sister) outside of Newport aquarium, KY.
Cincinnati, OH is in the background.

Ok, so it don't have jack to do with Jack! It was just a cool photo on the same roll of film.

The cool part is the image is a little motion blurred from Hannah's hand. (hard to tell on the compressed JPG version).